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Il fiore di Roma bed and breakfast is glad to offer a free software to massive rename your photos or any other kind of file: RinoFile.

Do you have downloaded hundreds of photos from your camera who names DSCNxxxx.jpg or IMGxxxx.jpg? Do your archive is full of files and you want to personalize them with a name you can choose? Do you want to reorganize your photo album but you have too much photo and you haven't idea how to do?

Rinofile is your answer!

RinoFile program will let you to rename every kind of file, replacing existing name and attaching a progressive number at the end of the name. You can choose file name and progressive number lenght, which can vary depending on the number of files to rename.
RinoFile program is free for personal use; for a commercial use please contact author through the form in contacts page.

To download setup program, clic on following link: Download RinoFile   Version 2.3

NOTICE: To install RinoFile: download, extract all files and launch the setup.

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